Sinoquiz 1.2 now supports iPhone 5


As my mission ended with my client at the end of May, I took the time to update sinoquiz in version 1.2 to add support for the iPhone 5 screen.

Sinoquiz allows you to test your knowledge in chinese characters, their pīnyīn writing and their translation with a fast and easy to take quiz.

For now, Sinoquiz is only available in french, stay tuned for the english version and the new iOS 7 redesign.

Sinoquiz Character View

New App Showcase Site !

At the beginning of this week, I launched my new App Showcase website :

It’s still under construction as I am writing this post and I will had more apps in the future.

App Showcase Screenshot

As you have probably guessed, it’s powered by a wonderful tool to build promotional websites, called strikingly.

I hope you will like this showcase, feel free to give me any comments on how to improve it.