iOS URL Schemes Parameters : What about standardization ?

On Saturday June 8th, I was attending the hackathon in San Francisco (the article is coming soon…) and I saw a presentation about a way to standardize the parameters passed from app to app via iOS URL Schemes, called x-callback-url

If you want to learn more about this, the specification is here :

And here is the associated blog where I learned, among other things, that Tumblr integrates x-callback-url :

You can also follow the project via Twitter : @xcallbackurl

I will certainly try to use this next time I am struggling with URL schemes, just to see if the standard is efficient and comprehensible.

What do you think about it ? Do you know other people trying to standardize inter-app communications ? Do you or would you use it ?

WWDC 2013




Apple’s WWDC 2013 takes place from June 10th to 14th at Moscone West, San Francisco.

I will be there enjoying conferences, labs, partys and meeting fellow developers and entrepreneurs.

And, well, I’m also planning on taking my sweet time…


Stay in touch with me here or on the social networks for some news (that is to say, as far as the NDA doesn’t urge me to keep my mouth shut…)

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